C: The Latin of Programming languages

If your a programmer or are interested in programming, chances are you know what C is. That’s because it’s considered the Latin of programming languages. It’s mind boggling to think of how old it is (released in 1973) and how relevant it still is today. That’s because It’s a great place to start programming. The very popular C++ language is a more advanced version of C, and C++ shares a lot of features with Java. After learning all three of these, I assume that you’d be able to learn any other language with relative ease.

Or, at least, this is what I’ve read. I’m currently in the process of learning The C programming language, and I’m doing a computer class assignment using it (a text based RPG). If all goes well, I’ll be learning C++ after, and from there, who knows? I’m under the impression that going into a computer programming college course with no knowledge of programming is a very bad idea, so I’m going to learn as many programming languages as possible throughout high school, and try to master the major ones. I invite you to join me on my adventure, as I try to write one of these blogs every day.


Why a Programmer?

I’ve been asked the same question many times: “Why would you want to be a programmer?”, and I admit, sometimes I, myself, wonder why as well. The truth is, that there¬†is no one reason why, and yet there are many.

Now, just forget everything I just said and let me throw out some more accurate info. I’ve probably only been asked why I wanted to be a programmer once or twice. Because everyone already knows, programmers control the world. The entire world is shifting to an app centric culture, and It seems that when visionaries and programmers work together, great things happen, and lots of money is made. Nowadays people think that programmers do what they do for the money.

But they’re wrong, in my case, well, partially. It’s true that I look forward to the day when I’m sipping Java from my Chateau¬†while programming it, without a place to be but in front of my computer screen, but there’s a much bigger reason, at least to me. While money is great and all, the feeling you get after figuring out how to make/fix something in a program you’ve been working on is the prime motivator for me. The thrill of figuring out how to do something by programming is almost beyond words.

In this blog, I’m not going to be teaching programming, or giving you tips you already know. (although, if your new to programming like I am, Feel free to use my content for learning purposes) I’m not going to give you a chance to go inside the mind of a programmer, just that of a Programmer to Be.