C: The Latin of Programming languages

If your a programmer or are interested in programming, chances are you know what C is. That’s because it’s considered the Latin of programming languages. It’s mind boggling to think of how old it is (released in 1973) and how relevant it still is today. That’s because It’s a great place to start programming. The very popular C++ language is a more advanced version of C, and C++ shares a lot of features with Java. After learning all three of these, I assume that you’d be able to learn any other language with relative ease.

Or, at least, this is what I’ve read. I’m currently in the process of learning The C programming language, and I’m doing a computer class assignment using it (a text based RPG). If all goes well, I’ll be learning C++ after, and from there, who knows? I’m under the impression that going into a computer programming college course with no knowledge of programming is a very bad idea, so I’m going to learn as many programming languages as possible throughout high school, and try to master the major ones. I invite you to join me on my adventure, as I try to write one of these blogs every day.


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