What (I hope) my future will look like

In my last couple blog posts I’ve talked about how I want to be a programmer and such. Today, I’ll tell you a little bit about where I can see myself in 10-15 years.

hopefully,in 10-15 years, I will wake up in the morning, and go eat breakfast, get ready for the day, etc. Then (hopefully) I will go to my day job in a rising software company, where I spend the majority of my day programming or fixing bugs in others’ programs.

I’ll come home to my in-town chateau, eat supper and go downstairs to my desk where I’ll have multiple monitors set up for programming. When I turn on my computer I put in my password and begin working on an indie game that I will (hopefully) get published one day.

Maybe this sounds boring to you, but hey, It’s my dream, not yours.


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