Programming: The New Literacy

Many people today think of programming as “something that geniuses do”. And, while, they might be right (many “geniuses” do), programming is definitely not limited to “extremely smart people”. Yes, you do need a moderate sense of logic and being good at math doesn’t hurt, but both of those things can be learned easily when starting to learn a programming language.

Think about it, technology is changing everything, and it’s the people who bring about these changes who become successful in life. In the future, I think that programming will be a class that everyone must take in high school alongside Math and English, an that’s exciting, at least for me.

See, in the future, I believe programming will be just as important to learn as reading and writing. Some people think knowing programming is a magical road to success. They’re wrong and right, in a sense. Let’s compare it to reading again. Is reading a road to success? No, not really, but if you want to be successful, you really should learn how to read. The same thing will be said of programming in the near future unless a true AI (Artificial Intelligence) is made, but if that happens, we’ve got bigger problems.